The Bringhurst Family

The Bringhurst Family
Russ, Mal, and Ethan

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kunkle and PaPa B!!!

This week Russ's brother Nate, (or Kunkle as Ethan calls him) and father Kent, (PaPa B) came to California to visit! Ethan was really excited to see them! We had a lot of fun while they were here, we went to the beach twice, we went to the Wild Animal Park, and we went out to dinner! Kent bought Russ a camera for an early birthday present so we were able to take lots of pictures while they were here! We really needed a camera because our iphones, as nice of phones as they are, do not take pictures very well! So thanks Kent for the camera! We were able to capture some fun moments with the new camera! So here are some pictures from this last week while ALL the Bringhurst men were in town! :)

The Bringhurst Men.... :)
Ethan running away from the water.  He loves to run from the water, but once he is far enough away, he just runs right back and splashes the water everywhere!
Ethan and daddy at the beach!
Sorry Nate I HAD to post this.... lol. This is kunkle supposedly building a sand castle with Ethan, but how can you build a sand castle if your not looking at the sand???? lol... ;)
Ethan and PaPa B at the Wild Animal Park! Im so glad I have a member pass to the San Diego Zoo, because having that also gets me free in to this Wild Animal Park. And I think its much more fun then the zoo!
Ethan, Kunkle and PaPa B on the bridge
Me helping Ethan feed the ducks. He loved this. They dont have this at the zoo, which is another reason why I like the animal park better! 
PaPa B telling Ethan about the Gorillas! He was very interested to hear what PaPa had to say
They have this nice little "cooling off" station for kids to run through. As soon as Ethan saw this he HAD to go run and play in the water. 
Kunkle and PaPa B helping Ethan look through the telescope... Although Ethan was more interested in playing with the pay knob.... lol
This was the second day at the beach. Ethan loved being with Kunkle! He always wanted Kunkle to hold his hand. 
Ethan and Kunkle got their feet burried. "We stuck mommy, we STUCK" :)
This was funny... he was just standing there like this waiting for the water to touch him. When it didn't get to him he would slowly scoot back still in this stance, until it touched him, then he would freak out and start laughing and running around. lol
While Kent, Russ and Nate went golfing... I caught Ethan in his room with Kunkles hat on backwards... lol. It was so cute.

We had lots of fun with all the Bringhurst men here! I was out numbers for a few days... but I loved it. :) We are so lucky to have such loving family members! We love you Kunkle and PaPa B!

Monday, March 8, 2010


This weekend my wonderful parents came to visit Russ, Ethan and I! We decided to go to Disneyland, unfortunately Russ couldn't go because he had to work, but he said it was okay since we only live an hour away that he would go another time. So we went to take Ethan to his first time at Disneyland! We were telling him that he would get to meet MICKEY MOUSE... and he was excited! We went on a few rides first, and after the rides he kept saying he wanted to go see Mickey, so we made our way to toon town, waited in line, and we got to meet Mickey.....
He was scared of MICKEY! lol. I think he was expecting the computer version looking Mickey that he watches every morning! lol.

Mommy Dearest, Ethan and I standing in line for the peter pan ride

Daddy and Ethan waiting in line. Ethan has been doing those ZOOLANDER lips for a while now, I dont know why he does that. lol

Looking at the dolls in Its A Small World ride. He liked that one

Mommy Dearest and I on the Carousel. We thought Ethan would like it, but he FREAKED out as soon as we put him on the horse, so mommy dearest and I rode the horses and daddy and Ethan went and sat on a non-moving bench for the ride. 

We went and saw a show called Billy Hill and the Hillbillys. It was so funny. Ethan loved hearing the music. 

:) This in one of the Billys (there were 4 of them). He was funny. We got a really good seat on the stage. So we were really close to them. 

daddy and Ethan on the Buzz Lightyear ride... we had to shoot guns at the bad guys and we controlled how our carts moved, it was really fun.....

.... See that smile... Dad was like a little boy again! lol. Dad loved that ride, he wanted to do it again.

Ethan wanted to get out of the stroller for a bit, and he started to climb on the rocks.

While mom and dad went on Star Tours (ethan was too small to go on that one) Me and Ethan went on the Rocket ride. He Loved being up in the air
This was after waiting 40 mins in line to go on the Nemo Submarine ride. When we got down in the sub, he woke up and had fun seeing the fish.

..... But once we got on the bus to go home, he was out again! 

Thank you Mommy Dearest and Daddy for such a memorable first time at Disneyland with Ethan! I love you guys so much and was sooooooo happy to see you!