The Bringhurst Family

The Bringhurst Family
Russ, Mal, and Ethan

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ethan loves his Kunkle Nate!

Ethan has been so lucky to have seen all his grandparents this month, and his aunt Megan... and his KUNKLE! Nate was here for a soccer tournament down in San Diego, so of coarse Ethan was super excited to go watch his kunkle play soccer, and to have him stay with us for a few days! We got to go to La Jolla, which is a pretty wonderful area! I loved it, it was a city that had MALLORY written all over it! Ethan loved it too because Nate took us to go watch the Seals that hang out on the cliffs! So I put some pic of that on here. We got to tour the house the soccer team rented while they stayed here. It was BEAUTIFUL, it kinda looked like a mobster owned it. lol. Fancy statues and painting... it was soooo huge, they had a game table in there, and Nate and Russ decided to teach Ethan to play 21. It was funny. They had Ethan saying "Hit Me", and "Ill Stay". It was adorable. When we dropped Nate off at the airport Ethan was so sad, he kept saying that he wanted to fly home with kunkle. We loved having Nate here with us, it is always fun when he comes! We love you KUNKLE!
We went to lunch and Ethan kept jumping into Nate's arms... it was funny. He knew Nate would catch him every time!

This is Nate and Russ teaching Ethan how to play. Ethan wanted to bid more.. but Russ kept shaking his hand NO! lol.

These are the seals! They were so loud!
Nate showing Ethan the Cliffs!
Looking at the beautiful water! I loved La Jolla!
Ethan always had to hold Kunkles had every where we went!
Saying goodbye to Kunkle at the airport........
... and this is how he looked the WHOLE time driving home! He was super sad to see him leave!
We love you Kunkle! Hope you can come out again!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Better Late Then Never....

Yep I know... its been like 4 months since I posted last. Sorry! But it take me about 5 hours just to post because our computer is still stupid! Anyways... Whats been happening in the Bringhurst house in the last 4 months? Ill tell you.....

Well we headed back home to Utah for a quick weekend trip because Russ had Memorial Day off, so we came back and did a little birthday for Ethan with Russ side of the family. He had so much fun, he loves opening presents! I think his favorite from his Kunkle Nate (we call him kunkle Nate because Ethan has 2 uncle Nate's! So Russ's brother is Kunkle, and my brother is Uncle). He got a golf set! (all the bringhurst men love to golf, so it was only a matter of time before Ethan got his set!) Oh he was so excited! Here are some pics of Nate showing him how to golf!

Kunkle showing how its done....

look at that swing... future Phil Mickelson right there...

Nothing happened in June. lol. It was a boring month

This is how boring June was... lol. This wasn't taken in June... but this best describes that month. lol
Russ got promoted on July 1st! He was promoted to Lance Corporal. I was so proud of him! Now hopefully he can get promoted to Corporal before he deploys next year, so he can be a NCO on deployment. (that's really good, for all you that didn't know.)
We got to go home again!!!! This time we got to stay for a week and my whole family was there! Oh it was so much fun to see all my siblings and my nephews and nieces! Ethan had loads of fun playing with his cousins. He loves them all! My parents had us do family pictures while everyone was here, and that was a bigger job then any of us thought! Having 6 kids under 6 cooperating together was quite a hard job. One would cry, or not sit still, then after 5 mins of coaxing them, they would be good, but once they were good, someone else would start crying or be a pill. lol. Ethan of coarse was the worst. uh.. but we did get 1 good pic out of him! Right before we left back to Cali we made a pit stop at Gama Gina's salon and gave Ethan a MOW-HAWK! lol. Needless to say my mom and dad were a little mad at me, but I just told them.. Every little boy should have a mow-hawk at least once in there life. :) plus Ethan looked sooooooooo adorable with it. Everyone on base loves it!

We met our new neighbors, and Ethan is in love! lol. Our neighbors Adam and Jenny have an adorable little girl named Taylor. Once Taylor and Ethan met, it was pretty much love at first sight. They hung out almost everyday after that. Unfortunately Jenny and Taylor had to go back to Chicago so Jenny could finish school. But they will be back in December for good, and Ethan is super excited to see Taylor again.
It was also my 24th birthday. My awesome friends out here threw a party for me, and it was so much fun!
And here is a pic of me and Ethan eating chocolate pudding... lol.

Ethan and Taylor! Every where they went, they held hands.

Ethan decided to put Chocolate on my face... because he didn't want to be the only one messy.
WOW... this was a busy month and its not even over yet! First we had my parents, Megan and Preston come down to visit for a few days! We went to Sea World, took the coaster down to old town, did a tour of San Diego, and went to the beach... all in 3 days!!! My parents know how to party. lol. Ethan loved seeing Gama and papa wood, and aunt Megan, and presto! (that's what he calls Preston) lol. Then after they left ... the next week his other Gama and Papa came! Gina and Ron came down for about a week! We went to the aquarium, beach and on a few bike rides! Ethan loves all his Grandparents so much... which is good because next week his other Papa, Papa Bringhurst, is coming to visit for a week... then his kunkle Nate is coming too! September is just our family month! :)
Ethan at Sea World playing with the music stuff. We played there for about 30 mins! He loves anything that makes music

Russ showing Ethan the sharks! Every time the shark would pass by Ethan would take a few steps backwards. He didn't want to be close to the window when the shark was there.

Russ and I at the aquarium
Here is a before and after shot of Ethan's hair!!!!


And After! So awesome... :)

Well that's pretty much it. I will try and get better at posting more. I know I say that a lot but, really. I will try harder!