The Bringhurst Family

The Bringhurst Family
Russ, Mal, and Ethan

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The MOON and the SUN

For the last few days Ethan has woke up around 4am and came to our bedroom, crawled up in our bed and slept with us for a few more hours. It was cute at first, but now he doesn't go to sleep. He will just sit there and talk to us, or jump on our bed. So Russ and I tried something. Last night Russ asked Ethan if he wanted to look at the Moon, so they went outside and were looking up at the Moon. Ethan loves looking at the Moon, after a few minutes Russ told Ethan it was time to go to bed, so Ethan looks up at the Moon and says "nigh night Moon, see you later". It was so cute. When they came inside, Ethan told me he said nigh night to the Moon, and that we had to be quite so we wouldn't wake the Moon up. So I thought... maybe I can use this to keep him asleep a little longer in the morning. While I started to put his pajamas on I told him "Ethan if we dont want to wake up the Moon, then you have to stay asleep as long as you can. You cant get up until the Sun wakes the Moon up". Ethan looked at me and smiled and said " dont want to wake up the Moon". Russ and I hopped this would work. 4am rolls around.. no Ehtan. 5am... no Ethan... By 6:30 Russ and I were up and I was sitting on the couch, Russ had just left for work. I hear Ethans door open a little, and his head popped out..... (it was so cute.. his big Bringhurst head, can you just imagine it? lol) anyway.. he popped his head out and said "Mommy, is the Moon awake?" .... IT WORKED!!!! lol. I replied.. "Yep the Sun woke up the Moon. You did a great job not waking up the Moon" he then said. "Can I say nigh night tomorrow to the Moon? I wont wake him up.". I told him that was just fine and he could do it every night.
He just looked at me and smiled really big.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ethans Adventures with his Rocket

For the last couple of months Ethan has had some what of an obsession with 'The Little Einsteins'. So as a moving away present his Grandpa Ron got him a Rocket that he could sleep with. (Ethan has ALWAYS had stuffed animals to sleep with, ever since he was a baby) Well.... Ethan takes his Rocket EVERYWHERE! When we leave for the store, he takes his Rocket, when we go get the mail, he takes his Rocket .... so on and so on...
Well yesterday we went to the park, and I let him take his Rocket . He was so happy I let him take his Rocket .... he was holding it as we crossed the street saying "come on Rocket , we are going to the park". When we got to the park I asked him if he wanted to swing with me. This is what he said. "Mommy I have Rocket to swing with, you go sit down"!!! I have been replaced by Rocket ! lol. I took some pictures of him and his Rocket . He did everything with Rocket at the park. So below are a few.

 Ethan pushing Rocket on the swing.

This is Ethan swinging on his belly. He put Rocket on his belly too! lol.

 Ethan going down the slide with Rocket
 Ethan then realized that he would have to push Rocket down the slide to get it to move.
  Ethan having Rocket climb up the slide....
Taking a break under the stairs. He said Rocket was tired

This one is my favorite. Ethan wanted to play basketball so he was throwing the ball up in the air and telling Rocket to catch it. When that didn't work he put the ball under Rocket to throw it.

With a little help from me..... Rocket threw the ball. lol. Ethan's expression says it all..... he was kinda mad that I helped out.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Oceanside Peir

Hello Friends and Family! Now that Russ and I have moved to California, I have decided to start a new blog to share photos and experiences of our new life in California.

We were able to spend Christmas here in California, and to tell you the truth, it didn't feel much like a Christmas at all. Living in Utah our whole lives we have always had a snowy Christmas. Its been in the 70s all through December here. Its really weird to say Merry Christmas to people when there is no snow or hardly any Christmas lights! But we did have a nice Christmas because my Dad, Mom and baby sis were able to come down here for half of Saturday and the morning of Sunday. It was a really short trip for them but it was worth every hour they where here. We showed them around Camp Pendleton a little, and went to the Oceanside Pier to watch the sunset. There is a few pics below that are of that night. And on Sunday morning we went to the beach again! We sat and watched the waves, and played in the water. It was so nice being with some of my family.

Ethan loves to play at the beach. He was trying to hid his toes in the sand.

We actually didn't plan on getting in the water that morning, but once Ethan saw were were at the beach there was no stopping him.... so we were in the water with all the clothes on! :)

This is the sunset from the Oceanside Pier. It was very beautiful to see.
This is Ethan talking to a bird that was sitting on the Pier!