The Bringhurst Family

The Bringhurst Family
Russ, Mal, and Ethan

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FaMiLy FuN *

So I haven't posted in a long while so here are some fun pictures that will explain what the Bringhurst Family has been doing for the last 2 weeks!
Ethan tried FUN DIP for the first time. Gma Robyn sent some with his Valentines present


He liked his green tongue to! lol. And if you saw my facebook page then you have read about what happened to his eye. He got a black eye at the playground because he threw his toy car at the slides wall and it came back and hit him right smack in the eye. lol

.... ha ha ha ha... Good thing Russ never checks this blog. He would get pretty mad that I posted this picture. I looked over at him sleeping, and he looked so cute! It looks like he is praying in his sleep. awwwww. So cute.

Ethan got a blister from his shoes because they were too small, so I asked him if he wanted a band aide and he said yes. I asked him "tigger or pooh" and he said TIGGERPOOH. lol. So I put tigger down first, and he yelled back POOOOOOHHHHHH. lol. So he had 2 bandages for 1 small blister. 
I did some art in my kitchen! I got that Bon Appetit sticker set at the 1$ store! Oh I love the $ store. Its awesome! I will post more pictures when I get more stuff hung up!

Ethan trying to wake daddy up. He has a good grip on his head and he is trying SO HARD to wake him up.. when that failed.. he resorted to this.....

.... "DADDY WAKE UP RIGHT NOW" He was yelling so loud.. but russ just laid there so Ethan resorted to his last option....

Jumping up and down on daddys bum! lol. Russ learned his lesson the hard way. The next time Ethan tried to wake daddy up, he got up after step 1. lol

Our family crest came in the mail today! SO EXCITED! Its very fancy looking. It has our crest in the middle then they sent the 2 other picture frames that explains our origin. The Wood's and the Bringhurst's.
Here is a close up! Its really nice. When we get some nails we are going to hang it up in our living room where all can see it! lol. 

Well everyone... thats kinda what has been happening for the last few weeks. Not too much, but my AWESOME parents are coming next weekend to say with us, so that should be pretty exciting. We always do fun stuff with my parents! I cant wait to see them!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Old Town Photo....

So when I posted my last blog I put a picture up but it cut off me and Ethan.... so here it is...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Visit from Gpa and Gma :)

Gina and Ron were able to drive down from Utah to visit us this last weekend! Ethan was REALLY excited that they came. We got to go to the zoo one day, and we got to ride the Cost train to Old Town San Diego another day! Here are some pictures from their visit.
When Gina and Ron got here, Ron brought Ethans head lights. HE LOVES THESE. He has worn them all day today! He keeps having me turn off the lights so he can look in the dark with his head lights!

The zoo was so fun! Ethan liked showing Gma and Gpa around!

The snake was doing some cool stuff this time, so I took a picture! :)

He was a little worn out from a whole day at the zoo, good thing Gina and Ron brought the stroller! 

"You ready to ride the train Ethan"..... He gives a thumbs up!
We told Ethan the train wouldn't start unless he would pat his legs and say blast off (like they do on Little Einsteins) So he did. This pictures is the BLAST OFF part!
He loved seeing the Ocean. He kept saying he wanted to go to the beach, but it was too cold that day, so he had to deal with looking at it on the train. 
The train let us off right at Old Town. It was a fun place, lots of shopping and food places.

We ate at this place called Old Hungrys or something. I got a burger and Ethan got a grilled cheese. If you know me, you know that I eat EVERY thing with ranch, so I got a bowl for myself and Ethan saw it and wanted to try it. I told him he had to like it because he is MY son, and I cant have a son who doesn't like ranch.... HE LOVED IT! "mmmm its nummy" 
After a long day we took the train back to Oceanside, and Ethan was OUT. But he still had a piece of  grilled cheese in his hand, and every time we tried to take it out, he would wake up and yell for it back. lol. Gma had to hold his head up because it would fall when the train moved. lol.

We had SOOOO much fun with Gina and Ron, Thanks for coming to visit us! Its so nice to see family!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Can I just say that I have always wanted to give Ethan a traditional mow-hawk ever since I found out I was having a boy. You know, the shaved sides, and the spiky middle. Well both of Ethan's grandmothers have pretty much forbade me to do it, so Im stuck with just my pretend mow-hawk... Here are some pictures of it! He looks so cute!
Nice side view.....

Perfect front view!

Seriously.... He looks so cute with a mow-hawk

PERFECT side view... I should be a hair dresser... lol. And yes.. His shirt says "you cant spell AWESOME without ME" lol... and Yes, I got him that shirt because I am awesome as well. It runs in the family. lol

See.... He loves his mow-hawk! :)

You cant see his hair in this picture, but I dont care... he is just so adorable, I wanted to post another picture of him. :) 

Ethan's Gma Gina is coming to visit this weekend... maybe I can convince her to let Ethan have a awesome mow-hawk!!!! We will see. :)

I also have to post how awesome I am at making my favorite food that my mommy dearest makes me for my birthday every year.... ROBYN POCKETS!!!!! Woot woot. I took pictures of it because I was so proud that they came out perfect.


Thanks mommy dearest for the recipe!