The Bringhurst Family

The Bringhurst Family
Russ, Mal, and Ethan

Monday, May 17, 2010

I Finally Posted!

Sorry I have not posted for a while! Our computer got a virus!... and I was lazy. lol. But here is a post! Gina and Ron came up and visited last month and did an early birthday party for Ethan! He was so excited! He got lots of fun stuff. Gina decorated his birthday cake with Buzz and Woody from Toy Story. He also got both the Toy Story movies and some more train set stuff. Ron got him some beach toys, which he totally loved since he is my little beach baby! Ethan was acting so funny when he was opening his presents! What ever it was he opened, he would gasp and open his mouth and go "OOOOOOOOO"! It was hilarious to watch. I wanted to post a video of us singing Happy Birthday to him... its pretty funny. He obviously doesn't like that song because he was crying on my leg asking us to stop. lol. But for some reason it wont let me put it on here. :( so ill try and post it on facebook
There are also pics of him at the Zoo again! Yes WE love the Zoo! They opened their Polar Bear Plunge at the beginning of May! Its Ethan's favorite part at the Zoo now, they have a cave that they can crawl through and a helicopter you can sit in. He wont crawl through the cave though, he just stands at the entrance, he is too scared to go through it! So there are pics of us at the zoo.

Ethan's cake! See the corner with out the icing??? That's my corner! :)

Ethan had fun opening presents! He loved getting the movies!

This is the beach stuff Ron picked out for him! He was really excited to play with those!

He has always slept with a stuffed animal, or Rocket, or any toy. So when he got Buzz and Woody toys they had to sleep with him. (and still do) lol

Gma and PaPa helping Ethan build a castle with his new beach stuff!

Ethan loves to go out in the water with PaPa!

My little beach baby! He loves the sand and water so much! I'm so glad he does! Maybe he will be a future swimmer like his mommy! :)

Smiling at the cave entrance at the Polar Bear exhibit. He looks happy, but then i tried to get him into the cave and he freaked out! (I unfortunately don't have a picture of that! lol)

Touching the Polar Bears bum! lol.

The Polar Bears are really fun to watch! They were playing a lot that day!

This is the helicopter they have at the Polar Bear exhibit! Ethan loves to push buttons so he was excited that he could sit there and push and switch the buttons with out me yelling at him! lol

This was on a different day, but this little otter was playing with Ethan. He kept swimming in circles and showing off for Ethan. It was fun to watch

So we figured out that Ethan has my allergies! :(  The poor little guy got really puffed up one night because he was playing with our friends kitty. We felt so bad for him. I told him to smile, and this is how it turned out. He actually had hives all over his face, you cant see them in this picture, but it was pretty bad.

Okay well that's about it! Russ is still working hard, he actually gets promoted in July to Lance Corporal! So that will be nice. He is excited about that. We are making a quick Utah visit from May 28-June 1 because russ has 4 days off! So if you want to see us durring that time give me a call! And thats pretty much it! Ill try and post again soon!