The Bringhurst Family

The Bringhurst Family
Russ, Mal, and Ethan

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

It has been raining ALL DAY! Poor Ethan, he wanted to go play at the park to day, and play golf out side! But the rain ruined that. We played golf inside, but he said it was boring. lol. Well off to todays list!
My 17:
Im sooo thankful for.....

1-Working windshield wipers. Woot Woot! For the longest time, we had one windshield wiper that didn't work, so having it work now is awesome on a rainy day!

2- iphone adapter in my car. Very handy on a car drive. Which will be happening in 5 days!

3-Diner, Dirve-ins and Dives. I love this show. I love seeing where these places are that have amazing food. There was a place in SLC that was on the show, I think it was called "the blue plate diner". I want to go there!

4-Gatorade. Water sucks, it really really sucks.. lol j/k (thats from water boy) I love Gatorade! Its so refreshing. Grape or Strawberry is my favorite!

5-WIC. Although they told me that Ethan is very unhealthy and OBESE... yeah.. I guess he is super fat for his age... (I dont think so at ALL) Im so glad I am apart of this program. We drink so much milk, and to get it free is amazing. And now they do Veggies and Fruit! So thats so nice to get that!

6-Sports bras! Unless you are or have been a pregnant women.. you really dont know how amazing sports bras are! Sure they are wonderful for working out.... but when your boobies hurt from being pregnant... they are a miracle worker!

7-Pedicures... I have had a total of 3 of these done in my life. I had it first done when we came to California to visit my uncle. My cousin Mikale had her birthday and we all got pedicures, that was like 7 years ago.... But now living in Cali, I have been 2 times with my friend Amanda. I love them. Its super relaxing!

8-Orbit gum. I love it, always have to have it, and never leave my house with out it!

9-For my family always willing to forgive me and my crazy life decisions. Seriously... totally thankful for this. I had been so stupid growing up. So rude, and uncaring... but my family never gave up on me. Always willing to help me anyway they could!

10-Funny kids photos. Have you ever just googled this.. DO IT.. here is one of my favorites!

11-A glass of cold milk! Like I said... we go through a lot of milk! A nice glass of COLD MILK... oh so nice

12-Ethans love of  the Arts. Im so thankful that Ethan truly does have a an Artistic side to him. He loves to paint, draw, color, sing, play instruments. I cant wait to see how this plays out for him in the future!

13-Basketball shorts. Wearing them right now! So comphy... I love them

14-Air conditioning. We moved in to this small house just to have Air Conditioning. Russ and I both sweat so much. lol. So we love the cold air. We are super excited to come to Utah for the cold winter!

15-That cali is really a scenic drive everywhere. I love just driving in Cali. Its beautiful everywhere you go. Not just by the beach... everywhere.

16-High Heels. They make me feel pretty!

17-Quiet Mornings! I had one of these today. I woke up before Ethan, and just sat in my bed listening to nothing! Oh it was beautiful!

This is Megan :) posting for Mal... Her internet was turned off... and she will resume her Thankful Posting on the 23! She says, "Sorry About That" haha... MALLORY LOVES ME SO MUCH AND THAT I AM THE BEST YOUNGEST SISTER EVER!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweet 16

Man this blogging every day has been really hard to do. lol. It was easy at first... but now its super hard. I get really tired at night, or I'm just not in the mood too... but last night I straight out forgot. :)
Here are my Sweet 16 Thankful thoughts:

1-Playhouse Disney. So very wonderful if you have a toddler. Ethan watches this every morning so I can get things done.

bahahahah. This is Ethan wearing his Mickey Mouse helmet backwards, while watching Mickey Mouse in the morning.

2-Moon and Stars. If you know me, you know I LOVE THE STARS! I love the light that the moon gives.. and stars, to me, are a symbol of beauty. I love them.

3-Aquariums. I'm so glad Ethan loves water and fish as much as I do. We love going to Aquariums!

Ethan enjoying a fish at the aquarium

4-To have things to look forward too! I love having things planned. Like my visit to UTAH! Woot Woot! Is nice to have things to look forward too!

5-That Russ has calmed me down on public affection. Bahahah. I used to just show my love to anyone, anywhere. lol. Russ hates that. I used to grab his bum, give him kisses and just embarrass him all the time in public. He told me that no body wants to see that. I didn't really care until I saw some teenage kids going at it, at the mall... I looked at him, he just smiled and was like "that's why I ask you not to do that, there are people just staring and making fun of them". Needless to say... we are a "peck kissing" public affection couple now. :)

6-The movie Willow. LOL. When I typed PECK, lol, that reminded me of this awesome show. My family regularly quotes this movie.. Missy can say "willow, you iiiiddot" very much like Raziel. Oh good movie
I had a crush on Val Kilmer when I was little. Hes sexy!

7-Scentsy. They make my house smell like Christmas. :)

8-That I have been able to travel. I was so lucky as a child, my parents loved to travel, so we have been many places. I loved going to new states, seeing new and old things. lol. Wonderful

9-Having Spell Check! I am the worst speller ever. This is amazing

10-Cuddling. I love when my hunna cuddles me. Its so nice!

11-Step by Step instructions. Have you ever tried putting together a bike, bed or dresser without instructions? I thought so.

12-That I "grunt" when I'm mad. My cousin Kamie and I inherited the "grunt" from my grandma Jaylene. She used to grunt when she was angry. I have noticed Kamie do the same thing... and I realized that I do it too. lol. Its funny what traits you get from you family.

13-In-and-Out burger.... We had this yesterday. I'm sooooo glad there is one in Utah now. Its pretty much the most amazing place to eat ever.
This is a #1 (double double) no tomato, Animal style, and Animal fries! BEST THING EVER!
14-Starbucks. Yes I know... I'm a Chai Tea Addict. I love Chai... and Starbucks has an amazing Chai, so flavorful... mmmmmm...

15-Itunes. I'm thankful for this because as I have said before, I love to sing... so for me to download songs, and it only taking a minute or two is AMAZING.

16-That my Daddy laughs with us when we make fun of him.
Now Missy, Nate, Meg and I are kinda rude kids I guess, because we make fun of my dad whenever we are together. Its that, or its that my dad is soooo easy to make fun of. He does the silliest things sometimes. One of my favorites is when we were at a track meet for Missy in AZ. We went to McDonald's to eat, my dad was eating fries, and he accidentally got ketchup on his arm, so instead of wiping it off, he takes a fry and dips it in the ketchup on his arm and eats the fry, the when we are about to leave.... he still had fries left so he put the fry cup in his shirt pocket. So he could eat it on the go! LOL. We always do the hand motion like we are picking up a fry, bringing it to our arm, and pretending to wipe ketchup then eating it. He just laughs with us, and calls us stooges. There are so many more... lol. Oh daddy! Thanks for letting your children have a good laugh at your expense.
Love you daddy!

So far I have listed 136 things I have been thankful for! WOW. I still have 17 more that I will do tonight. Man if you think about it... there really are so many things to be thankful for! Awesome. I am blessed.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moody Moody Moody

So today I have been kinda in a bad mood! Stupid hormones..... Yeah I'm back to blaming problems on pregnancy.. lol. But it has to be the hormones.. I had no reason to be in a crappy mood today. No reason at all, but I was. uh, oh well. I need to work on not being mean and crabby for no reason. lol. I don't think I was so crabby when I was pregnant with Ethan. Was I? I don't remember.. that was a long time ago. lol. like about 4 years ago. Long Time.
My December 15th List:

I'm thankful for....

1-Ethan's honesty. Today Russ was cleaning out his car, and Ethan ran over to mine and said, "Mommy, yours  is really bad too, you need to clean it." He spoke the truth, I didn't want to hear it right then, but he was right. So he sat in the car pushing all the buttons he could see while I cleaned it.

2-My dreams that I'm at a Day Spa! I guess I really want to have a Spa Day or something. Because I have been having dreams that I get this nice luxurious day where I get pampered. Oh how I love it.

3-Smoggy Days. I'm thankful for this because it sorta kinda looks like a snow storm.. kinda... ever so slightly.. so it reminds me of home.

4-Seeing Broadway shows in New York City. You know not a lot of people get to do this. So I'm so thankful that my parents were able to send me to NYC twice to see some shows. That was a dream of mine you know. To be on Broadway... there was absolutely no way though... bad singing voice... lol

5-Easy going Person. I don't want to tute my own horn...."tute" lol. But I think I'm a pretty easy going person...
6-Set goals. I'm thankful that I love to set goal... I hardly ever accomplish them, but I do like setting them. I try really hard, but some times I set them a little to high... lol

7-Know when to quit: I like knowing that I'm able to walk away from things that don't make me happy or aren't satisfying. Sometimes it takes a while to come to terms with "quitting," but I'm glad I've had the guts to do it when it has really mattered.

8-That I'm American! Taking nothing away from any other country, I'm just being thankful for my own. It may not be perfect--what place is? But I love it nonetheless.

9-The nice family who helped me in San Diego. I was thinking about this family from Utah while I was cleaning out my car today. I was just finishing up a day at the San Diego Zoo with Ethan in February, and its super hot in February, so I got to my car, opened my door turned on the AC, while I was doing that Ethan pushed the door lock. So me not noticing that, I shut my door....  So I was locked out of my car, no phone, no money NOTHING but me and Ethan, while the car was running. Long story short.. I was bawling because Russ was in the field that week, I didn't know anyone out here or no phone numbers... and this family visiting from Utah stopped when they saw me crying and called their AAA people and had them come help me. It was the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me. So thank you Utah family.

10-Hot Showers. Oh how I love to just take hot showers. So very thankful for that

11-The Ocean. I'm glad Ethan is able to see the Ocean every day. He loves it. Its such a beautiful thing.

12-The Wildlife here on base. Although I hate the little rabbit poops all over our porch, I love seeing deer and wolves... and fox's. Its really fun to see them and point them out to Ethan.

13-Facebook. I'm thankful for this because its nice to reconnect with friends that you haven't seen in 5-10 years. I found some friends from elementary, so its nice to have those memories brought up again.

14-FREE Festivals. Anything Free, I'm pretty much thankful for. I love activities and festivals. Utah has a lot of Free stuff, so its will be nice to live there again next year.

15-My Crock Pot. I have been looking for a lot of recipes for stuff to make in our Crock Pot, and there are a TON! I hardly ever used my Crock Pot until this week! So its nice to have it, because I can just prepare the food and let it sit for a few hours... so nice.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pregnancy and Disney!

So Yesterday I was having the worst heart burn EVER! I got some tums.. but it seemed like they were making it worse. lol. I just didn't feel like posting... So this morning, I was going to do it, but I just didn't feel good... Then I thought.. I need to be positive.. So my post for the 13th is a list of why I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!

1-Attention! I love when people notice my belly and congratulate me! :) I guess I'm just glad that people notice I'm pregnant, and not fat... lol

2-Being able to fart in public. I know, you may think that's gross... but its so nice when your pregnant, people just kinda smile at you, like I understand.. rather then when your not prego, and they glare at you with disgust. lol

3-Baby Things. Seeing all the clothes and toys in the store has gotten me SUPER excited. I cant wait until I find out if we are having a boy or girl.

4-Maternity Clothes. They are just perfect. Love them. I love how stylish they are now.

5-Just the Knowledge that I'm carrying a baby inside me. That's an amazing feeling. I love it.

6-Russ rubbing my belly. I love it when he does that.

7-ALL THE FOOD! lol. I'm totally bumed that I cant have Sushi, but glad that I can eat pretty much anything else I want!

8-My baby can now hear me sing. Which could be a good or bad thing. lol. I love to sing, I may not have the best voice, but I do it every day. And to know now, that the baby can hear my voice, I love that.

9- Expectant Mothers parking! This is so nice at the Commissary because its always packed!

10-glowing. People tell you that you glow when your pregnant. :) I'M GLOWING!

11-Ethan finally accepting that I have a baby in my tummy! This is a big deal!

12-Nap times for me. Wonderful! Thanks Russ

13-Ultrasounds. I love seeing our little peanut. And from what I have seen so far.. She/He is super active. likes to move a whole lot!

So Im thankful that I can see the positive side of being prenant. Its good to just step back and look at whats so great about things.

So for my December 14th list... I wanted to list my favorite Disney movies. Mainly because that's pretty much all I watched growing up and most all of them you can sing along Now a days kids have so many other things to do, like game systems, computer crap, and other dumb stuff. lol. I love just sitting with Ethan enjoying a good Disney movie. So here are my 14 Favorite Disney movies.

1-Beauty and the Beast. This has always been my favorite. Ever since I saw it I told my family that when I have a little girl, her name will be Bell. :)

2-Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I love Angela Lansbury. She reminds me of my Grandma Riley.

3-Alice in Wonderland (2010). Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter. Enough said.

4-The Incredibles. Edna E Mode. Best Character Ever.

5-Up. Super cute story

6- Toy Story 1,2, 3.

7-Mary Poppins. Classic.

8-Princess and the Frog. I love that Ethan can sing all the songs from this with me.

9-Remember the Titans.

10-Monsters Inc. I love Boo. I want a little girl just like her.

11-A Goofy Movie. Russ and I love watching this together

12-The Santa Clause 1,2,3. I love Tim Allen


14- Freaky Friday. I think about this happening to me and my mom. lol.

So Im thankful for all these movies, because they give me something to sing, and my family will enjoys these just as much as I did when I was little.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tattoos, Nap Time, and Pillow Pets!

Okay so today I was a little frustrated with Russ because he insists on giving Ethan early Christmas presents. We differ a lot on this subject.. the only Christmas present that I think should be given early is pajamas, which are given on Christmas Eve. Call me a stickler... but that's just how I think it should be. Well Russ thinks otherwise... He said I can do with my presents how I see fit, and he can give his out whenever... So today Russ gave Ethan one of his presents... A Pillow Pet. Ethan has wanted one of these for a while now... and I was going to give it to him Christmas eve, along with pajamas. But Russ had to give it to him today... uh. Last year... Ethan opened almost ALL his presents early... I was so mad.... But Ethan loved it.
So here are my 12:

1-I guess I shared this because I'm thankful that Russ really wants to please Ethan when he can. I think that's why he so set on giving Ethan presents early. Weather I like it or not... this is a father son thing. lol. I guess I will just have to get use to this.

2-Pillow Pets... This is such a cute idea, epically if your child likes big stuffed animals. (which Ethan has always loved). So like I said, Russ got him this today. I haven't taken any pictures of it yet but this is what it looks like.

he got this cute penguin. Hes sleeping with it right now.

3-I'm thankful that my mom found my Seminary Scriptures. They are the only scriptures that I have ever really "used". They are pretty much falling a part, but I love it. I have been behind on the reading challenge that my sister Becca started, but I'm trying. :) I have so many good notes and quotes in there. One of my favorites that I wrote in there is from January 2001
"Truly of all the errors mortals can make, Gods plan of Salvation is the wrong thing to be wrong about" - Elder Maxwell...

4- I'm thankful for blogging... To quote my cousin Kamie "what did we do before... srcapbooking??" lol. Its so true though. Blogging is amazing. Its such a good way to keep track of life and to tell stories. I'm going to make a book of my blogs this year like my sister did last year. I'm so excited!

5-Nap Time. I love when Russ and Ethan take naps together. I love seeing my husbands arms wrapped around my son, like he is trying to protect him. Its the most beautiful site.
6- I'm thankful for the Small Things. I know that's not specific, but my small things are totally different then someone else. For example, I'm thankful for the smile I get from Russ right when he walks though the door when I haven't seen him for 2 weeks. Stuff like that. I love the small things that keep my day happy.

7- I'm thankful for the Celtic Women's song The Voice. You know how some songs just speak to you. Well this song gives me great comfort when I hear it. I don't know what its suppose to be about, but to me it speaks to me about our Savior... I don't know why.. but it does. Its such a beautiful song. Here it is if you want to listen.

8-I'm very thankful for all the crafts my mom makes me. She is so crafty. Lol. I love family block she made, and my wedding book. She is so talented. I love my crafts!

9- Along with that.. I'm thankful that I have some what an ability to paint. I love painting. Its so fun for me. I have been able to paint for my family, and that's really neat for me. I love sharing my art with people. My sister Missy has my very first painting I ever did. I love seeing it hung in her house every time I visit.

10- My Strong Family Unit. MANY people said that they didn't think Russ and I would last... They said we rushed into marriage and that it would never work. Well I'm here to say that are family is stronger then ever. We knew it would be a hard few years... they really are hard still.. but that doesn't effect us. We love each other and love Ethan more then anything. I'm so lucky to have been brought up in a strong family. So that is how my family will be. :)

11- I'm thankful for my tattoos. I say this because.. its a constant reminder of what I WAS like. Some one I hope to never be like again. Its a permanent reminder of my mistakes... which I grow from everyday still.

12- Along with that... I'm so thankful for my health. I have always been a sick girl. As a baby, though high school... but I always pull though...  I did some dumb stuff that made my health even worse, but still pulled though that. I'm very lucky to have the health I do today, although its not the healthiest I can be, its still so much better then I was. I'm so blessed to be given a strong body. So thankful for my health... every day, very thankful.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

So sick... short and sweet 11

So today my list is short and sweet... I have super bad heart burn and tummy aches today. Little peanut is kicking my butt!

1-Christmas cards! I love getting friend and family cards in the mail! Makes my day!

2-Although I don't have any... TUMS... I really need some right now. My doc said that I was allowed to take some, so I will be thankful on Monday when I can buy them! lol

3-My puzzle books. When I'm sick, or Russ is playing video games, I love to just sit and do puzzles... Sudoku, word search, cross words any kind of mind puzzles. They are the best

4-Shasta! lol. Maybe this is giving me the heart burn... I don't know.. But I love it! All the flavors... yummm

5-My pillow, uhhhhh its calling to me right now!

6-I'm thankful that Russ will pass gas right along with me.. lol. :) I'm pregnant so it happens a lot more then normal....

7- My winter boots. We keep our house pretty cold during the day and I don't have slippers... so I wear my winter boots.. they are so soft inside! lol

8- I'm very thankful for Ethan's constant reminder that he loves me. He says it a lot. I love it.

Ethan's 3 things he does before bed time... We do this EVERY NIGHT!
I love it, I hope that never stops.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Hunna

Thankful 10!

1- I'm so very thankful for my hunna Russ. I really am blessed with a good man. He is a great father and wonderful husband! He works really hard for Ethan and I, and really misses us when he is away working. I love how he can make me laugh, and keep me smiling day to day. Although our courtship was quite short, and unexpected.... He still knows me better then anyone. I always joke that we are like the couple on 4 Christmas's. Vince Vans brother on the show and his wife... TOTALLY CRAZY AND WILD, but when it comes to love, and knowing everything about each other.... we have that down. I love that he will sit and watch Harry Potter with me and pretend to be super excited, I love that he lets me sing, and hum silly songs to him...(I really do that A LOT) And I love his undying love for me. :) Thanks for everything Hunna! I love you!
2- I'm thankful for Musicals and Broadway! I love anything to do with Musicals... I love plays and singing... so that combined is perfect! I cant go through the day without singing at least one song from a musical! I really cant name my favorite, because I love so many... but I do have to say I want to see Wicked again. That was such a good show.

3-My Great Gmas quilt! She makes one for everyone that gets married.. or has a baby... or something like that. She is such a great quilter... I love mine she gave me for my wedding. It sits on our couch, so everyday I see it and think of her. Thanks Great Gma!

4-I'm thankful for Playgrounds. This is what has pretty much kept me sane while Russ has been gone... Ethan has so much energy, so a trip to the playground to run around is such a great thing!
5- Yummy Chips... (this is coming from my peanut in my tummy..) She or He LOVES Chips! Any kind of chips... lol.

6- Along with that I'm thankful that I can pretty much get away with eating anything because I'm pregnant! lol. I love that!

7- I'm thankful for good dance music! lol. I love music that gets you off you butt and moving, and makes you happy and just keeps you moving! LOVE IT!

8- I'm so thankful that I found my journal from 1997. I was 11 years old and this was my first entry was on Sunday June 1, 1997....
" Today we had stake conference. After we had family home evening, dad gave us these journals, he gave us a challenge... I challenged Obedience. Listen to my parents and teachers and pray. At stake conference Cami sat by me we had FUN."
"PS  Cami and I didn't listen to anything "
WOW. I was funny. Cami was my bestest friend growing up. lol. I bet we thought we were so rebellious not listening to anything. lol.

9- I'm thankful that I can still laugh at my self. I use to sit and cry or complain when something stupid would happen to me, but now... I know its not the end of the world, I know I will be fine... so I laugh it off!

10- I'm thankful that my family members call just to say Hi. Its such a great feeling. I love hearing my ring tone for my dad or mom.... It brings an instant smile to my face... same with my siblings. I'm so thankful that we all have time to call and catch up or to ask silly questions! So thankful for that!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kamie and Kasie

So my pregnant butt cant even count. I only did 7 yesterday! lol. SO I will do my last one from yesterday  right now...
8- I'm thankful for good friends that remind me how silly I am when Im pregnant! :)

Okay so my Thankful 9 for today!

1-I'm thankful for my BEAUTIFUL cousins Kamie and Kasie. I grew up with these girls and they were my best friends. Although we never really lived close to each other, I would still visit them at least once a week when I was little. I even went to their High School some days...And helped out when ever they needed some prop people for their dance competitions. lol. I'm thankful that they are 2 of the most original people I know. They both stay true to who they are, and are so amazingly unique. They have blessed my life in more ways then I can imagine. They really are like sisters to me. I could brag about them all day, lol, but I will leave it at this.. I love you girls so much, I truly think that we were placed in the same family so that we could strengthen each other... because that's what you guys did for me! :) I couldn't have made it through my teen years without you both!
2-I'm thankful for cookie exchanges! lol. The ladies in the ward come on base once a month and have lunch at the park, and today, they did lunch and a cookie exchange. Not that I need the fat, but I got so many cookies! Yummm

3-I'm thankful for Beanies and Hats!!!!! I love hats a scarfs.. so whenever I get the chance to wear one I do! Ethan has my obsession for hats too! He has 5 hats! 5!!! I only have 4.. (if anyone wants to buy me a hat for Christmas... It will be very much appreciated lol)
I guess I did have 5, the one Ethan is wearing was mine.. but he pretty much took it away from me.
4- I'm thankful for stupid quotes that me and my high school friend can remember! We were both so random, and would stay the most funny things, and they would just stick. We even made buttons that said "That's some bad chicken, it'll mess you up" (that's from an episode of Signfield). We we so weird, and loved this website called here is one of our favorite emails from it.
We were really obsessed with this website! lol. Oh good times Carly! So thankful for this CRAZY girl!

5-totally thankful that Ethan likes to help me clean. He wont clean on his own.. but if he sees someone else cleaning he runs and grabs his broom, and starts to help! lol
This was the first day he got the broom. He picked it out at the fair.. lol. My mom told him to pick a toy, and he picked this broom.....
6- My awesome water jug that Gina and Ron gave me. I LOVE IT! I probably wouldn't drink as much water if I didn't have it. For some reason though, since I have had it, I drink about 4-5 refills of it a day, and its a 24oz.

7-SPANDEX!!!! Oh how I love spandex, even more the pregnancy pants. I pretty much wear spandex every day. I have many colors.. Bright Pink, Bright Orange, Bright Blue, black, dark red, gray, tan, and dark brown! lol. I love to wear them. :) And they go with everything really!

8- I'm thankful for hand-me-downs. Our entire house minus our TV, and TV stand have been handed down from family! Pretty much our whole front room is from Gina and Ron, really a lot of stuff is from Gina a Ron. lol. My parents gave us a TV, and shelves... Both parents bought Ethan's bed... I mean the list goes on and on...WOW. Now that I think of it... we are kinda spoiled with hand-me-downs.... lol. THANKS FAMILY!

9- I'm thankful for my iphone apps. lol. totally crazy thing to be thankful for unless you have a crazy 3 yr old that like to cause havoc everywhere you go. Apps keep Ethan busy so that he doesn't act out in public! Its wonderful! I love it. Makes me very happy! Here is a picture Ethan colored with one of his apps... lol
Right after I got this app, he learned how to save the pictures to my phone. So I have like 30 of these saved!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8 is Great!

My 8 Thankful things!

1-I'm thankful that I totally lucked out and got the BEST mother-in-law! Gina is such a great mom and grandma! She is more like my best friend! She always willing to help us out in any way.. even if it is just babysitting so Russ and I can go on a date! She is amazing and I'm so lucky and thankful that I get to be a part of her family. She loves me and cares for me, and I appreciate that so much! Thanks Gina!
This is one of my Favorite pictures!
2- I'm thankful for Ron! Russ step father and Ethan's papa! He has been so welcoming to me ever since I started dating Russ. His is such a great Papa to Ethan... Spoils him crazy! lol. Ethan loves to talk to him, and to play games with him. I'm so grateful to him for allowing Ethan and I to stay in his home while Russ was in boot camp. Ron really does love our family and I'm so thankful!

3- I'm thankful for MILK! Its my favorite thing to drink, we go though so much in our house! Its so delicious!

4- I'm thankful for Tylenol! The only thing I really hate about being pregnant, is that there are so few things you are allowed to take for pain, headache... etc... so Tylenol thank you for making my head feel better!

5-I'm thankful for Christmas Trees! I'm not putting mine up this year, because we will be going home for Christmas, but I do love to look at them! I would have a fresh one in my house if I could! I love the smell! :)

6- I'm thankful that I was blessed with patience! lol. Its really hard to raise a son alone (when Russ is gone working for weeks at a time), with no one to really hang out with, and no family around. Im really grateful I have patience because I would be CRAZY by now if I didn't!

7- I'm thankful for books! I love to read and get lost in books. I like to read right before I go to bed because then I have dreams about what I was reading! lol. I had the BEST Harry Potter dream last night! lol.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Thankful Siblings!

So for my thankful list for December 7th... I'm doing my siblings.. because I'm thankful for all of them!

1-MEGAN! My best friend. I'm so thankful for her amazing power to make me laugh. She is absolutely crazy and insane, and I wouldn't have it any other way. She is so spiritually strong too and pushes me in the right direction every time she sees me.... I love you baby sis!

2- Nathan! My awesome brother! I'm so thankful for his sweet caring heart. He calls me just to check up and to make sure I'm doing okay! He is a lot like my dad, hard worker, devotes everything to his family, and loves everyone! I love you BRO!
3-Becca.. My sweet sister-in-law! I'm thankful for her outstanding ability to show how devoted to the church and family she is. Its weird, when your with her, she gives you this warmth and comfortable feeling. Its hard to explain, but I love it. She is amazing and I'm so blessed that she is in our family!
4- My big sister Missy. I call her sissy... I'm thankful for her beautiful face! LOL. She is gorgeous! I'm actually jealous... but that's not what I'm really thankful for.. I'm really thankful for her teaching me how to be a good mom. I don't get to see her a whole lot, but when I do I learn so much from her. She is such a loving mother and is so good with her kids! I love you sissy!

5- My oldest Brother in law, Casey! I'm very thankful that Casey makes my sissy happy. :)  Missy never really dated in high school, she was more focused on school, and sports, and same in college.. so when Casey caught Missy's eye.... I knew it was serious! :)  From day one, Casey has been so nice and understanding to me. I really appreciate his love for our family. I'm glad you stole Missy's heart!
6- Nate! My brother-in-law! I'm pretty sure Nate thought I was crazy the first time he met me, I was terrified of him! Hes so tall and has the same effect my dad does. Looks a little intimidating... but once you start talking to him, he is as sweet as a gummy bear! I'm thankful for his love for Ethan and I. He is a lot like my dad and brother... he works hard and loves his family! He calls me to check up on me and Ethan, and tries to visit us often as he can. I'm truly blessed to be apart of his family. I love ya Nate/Kunkle!

7- Bri and Ryan! Russ's step siblings! I hardly get to see these 2  because Ryan lives in Arizona, and since we never go to Utah, I don't get to see Bri either! But I'm thankful for both of them! They are so sweet and caring toward Ethan, and have been so nice to me! Thanks for letting this crazy girl into your family! :)


So those are my siblings... I know I cheated and put Bri and Ryan together.... But I had to! I could only do 7!!!! lol. I'm thankful for all of you and love you all so much! Thanks for being great sisters and brothers!

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Monday 6!

My Thankful things for December 6th:
1- LAZY DAYS. I love when I can have lazy days. Today was one. Its so nice when Ethan can just sit and watch movies with me. I'm so thankful for lazy days!

2-I'm thankful for my Daddy! :)  I love when I call him, hearing his voice gives me such comfort. He is the hardest working man I know, and I am truly blessed to be his daughter. He is so smart, and gives me advice almost every day. I'm thankful for his love of family! I think that's why are family is so strong. He taught us to love one another and to always be grateful for family. My dad was with me all the time when I was a sick little baby while my mom taught school.He always calls me his "baby Mal" because of that. He is such a great father! Amazing really. I love you daddy! Thanks for being the greatest man I have ever known.
3- I'm thankful for cough drops! They have pretty much saved my life today! :) Cherry cough drops. Delicious and healing!

4-I'm thankful for the nice ladies in my ward! They are going to watch Ethan tomorrow while I go to the doctor. They were so sweet to just offer to watch him. They knew that Russ is gone and that I don't have anyone to watch him. I was just going to take him with me, but they told me to take him to the park and they would bring their kids, and they could all play while I was gone. So I'm very thankful for them!

5-I'm thankful for Christmas lights! Although I'm not putting up any this year, because we will be going home to Utah for Christmas, a lot of people in my neighbor hood have. It makes the night beautiful. Ethan loves lights just as much as I do! We plan on going down to San Diego this weekend to see a neighborhood where ALL the houses are completely decked out! It will be so fun!

6-I'm thankful for Russ's marine sweats. lol. He would be so mad, but I'm wearing them right now because they are so comfortable! I have until Saturday to wear them, so I will be every night! I love comfortable sweats and its rare when I find a really good pair. :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thankful Things for December 5th

1- I'm thankful for the Priesthood. Today was fast Sunday at my church, and I had an overcoming feeling to share my story about prayer and how it helped me feel comforted in a time of need. After sacrament many people came over to tell me that they felt the spirit strongly, and 2 brethren asked me if I wanted a blessing. I really REALLY did! I just never wanted to ask. So they gave me a healing blessing. It was so wonderful. I'm so thankful for that blessing. Someday Russ will be able to have the power to give blessing, and I cant wait for that day. :) Priesthood is so important, and I'm so thankful for it.

2-I'm thankful for my long hair! I love it. I love putting it in braids. It reminds me of my childhood. I love my long hair. It makes me feel so beautiful. I do want to cut it super short one day and give my hair to locks of love.. but Ill let it grow more before I do that. :)

3- I'm thankful for the piano Gina gave me! I love to play, and Ethan loves to play. It has been such a comforting thing to have it in our home. I love playing twinkle twinkle little star with Ethan, and having him sing along. So thankful for such a wonderful piano.

4-I'm thankful for Ethan's ambition for learning. He wants to know so much, and loves to learn new things. He is a lot like me, we both love to learn. I hope this means he will love school! I hope this ambition lasts all through his school years! :)

5-I'm thankful for my Grandmas recipes. I use them almost everyday. She is such a great cook, and makes every thing from scratch. We love to season in my family, love to put lots of flavors in things we cook, and my grandma has made her own season salt. It is the most delicious thing. Gina and Ron even asked me to give them some because they loved it just as much as I do. So thanks grandma! You are the best cook!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Nights!

Last night I took Ethan to San Diego's December Nights at Balboa Park! It was super fun, but it was pretty hard to go look in the museums because it was just me and Ethan, and we had our stroller, but you couldn't take it in the museums. I really didn't want to leave it alone out side, so we mainly just walked around. There was only one museum that had watched stroller parking, so me and Ethan went into that one. It was pretty cool, it had loads of dinosaur bones, and some earth stuff to teach kids. So here are some pictures from last night. There's more on my facebook page, and a video too. So go check that out!
Ethan and I at the Artist Block, that was my favorite spot, it was so amazing to see all the different art work!

No trip out with me would be complete unless Ethan got some kind of a light up toy!

This was the banner in front of the Artist Block.

Inside the museum, Ethan was playing with all the earth stuff. He liked this one the best because it showed how Volcano's erupt!

This is while we were ridding the Balboa train. The haze in smog! It looks like snow... but its just smog. Check out my video on facebook to see it better!

After December Nights, I stopped off at the San Diego Temple. Ethan calls it the BIG CASTLE... it was lit up with lights, nothing as great as SLC Temple, but still, it was beautiful!

Thankful things for December 4th
1-I'm very thankful for my Mommy Dearest! I love that I can call her 3-4 times a day about nonsense things, or to ask her how to cook some food, or just some advice for being a mom. She is the best mom. People wonder why I call her Mommy Dearest, because if you have seen the movie you would wonder too... lol. I was watching it with her one day, it was when I was in my rebellion stage, and I was amazed how crazy and scary Joan Crawford, that's the mom, was to her daughter. She yelled and beat her because she had wire hangers in her closet. I always thought mom was hard on me, but holy cow, so I laughed and told my mom that I have it EASY! She really does love me so much, and would never do anything like that, but I started calling her Mommy Dearest as an inside joke, and it just stuck. lol. So that's the story!
Mom, I'm so very thankful that you can accept me for who I am and can laugh at the silly things I say. That really means so much to me. You are an amazing women and I strive to be more and more like you every day. (that's why I call so much lol) I'm blessed to have you as my mother. You will always be the BEST Mommy Dearest! I love you!

2-Im thankful for pregnancy pants! lol. They are so comfortable, and even though I shouldn't be showing a whole lot, the baby fat is mixing with my normal fat, so I have a huge belly! It looks like Im already 6 months! So I cant wear any regular jeans, they hurt my fat. lol. Pregnancy pants are amazing. They look like real jeans, and they are super cute. So thank pregnancy pants for being so comfortable!

3-I'm thankful for my reading teacher from 3rd grade. I was a horrible reader growing up. I pretty much couldn't read, so I had a resource class to help me read. My resource teacher, I cant remember her name, was amazing. She helped me so much, and because of her I love to read now! :) So thank you to all the resource teachers out there who helped out kids like me who couldn't read well! I absolutely love to read now, I can get lost in a book for hours!

4-I'm thankful for my pink blanket. My Grandma Riley made me a blanket when I was 11 yrs old for Christmas one year. It has not left my side since. I have it on my legs right now actually! Its been with me on on vacations, long drives, and I sleep with it every night. Russ wants to burn it. lol. He gets mad because at bedtime I start off under our blanket that we share, then when hes sleeping I put my pink blanket over me. I will always have this comfort blanket!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Uh.. I already screwed that up!

So I thought yesterday was the 1st! lol. Oh boy... pregnancy can make you crazy! So I'm not going to be home tonight, I'm taking Ethan to Balboa Park! They have this thing called December Nights every year, were they do shows, activities and have lots of lights, and its FREE! So I'm going to post my thankful stuff now! And since today is the 3rd, not the 2nd.. I will do both so I can be caught up! lol.

Thankful things for December 2nd:
1- I'm thankful for who ever invented Skye. That has been something so wonderful for our family. Since we have moved to Cali, Ethan has been able to see and talk to his grandparents, Aunts, uncles and cousins. What a blessing this is! Especially for Ethan, he loves his grandparents so much! So for him to be able to see them every week or so is so awesome!

2- I'm thankful that our family has 2 cars. Although payments are a pain, it has allowed Ethan and I to go have adventures every day! Since Russ works 12 hour days, if we didn't have 2 cars, we would be stuck at home all day, and if you know us, we hate being inside. Ethan loves to go places just as much as I do. So I'm so thankful that we are able to have 2 cars. (like tonight, we are going to Balboa Park in our car)

Thankful things for December 3rd:
1-I'm thankful for my son Ethan. He is the greatest blessing. Everything about him makes me smile. Sometimes he can be a little annoying, or get me upset, but that's okay. He has his ways of making me feel better, like telling me to give him a kiss, headbutt and squeeze. He is who he is, and I love him for that. He may look like Russ, but his personality is so similar to mine. I could spend all day talking about how thankful I am for him, but I will just keep this short and sweet. He is my boy, my sweet little boy and has blessed my life in so many ways. I love you Ethan, and am so very thankful for your sweet spirit.

2-I'm thankful for my imperfections. Crazy thing to be thankful for huh... well I am. I'm thankful for them because I can learn from them. Everything I have done wrong, I have learned from. With out imperfections, we can never be perfect, because we have nothing to learn from. So here's to you imperfections. You have made my life horrible at times, but I am thankful for the lesson it has taught me.

3-I'm thankful for the Military. Not only because we are a Military family, but because it has changed Russ life. He was never a person to stick to what he was doing, and would procrastinate a whole lot. The Military has changed that. It also has given us a place to live, work, and play. We are truly blessed because of this. It has also helped me realize there is a much bigger world out there who needs our help. We are so blessed to live here in this country and I think a lot of people forget that. So thank you Military, all Military for providing a safe environment for my son, and for giving our family a new life!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful December

So my wonderfully awesome cousin Kasie does a Thankful List every December, and this year she has decided to do it on her blog, and encouraged us to do the same. So I'm going to do it. Every day you post what you are thankful for and the amount of items correlates to the day. So today I post 1 thing I'm thankful for, tomorrow it will be 2, then 3, and so on. This is such a great idea and I cant thank Kasie enough for posting about this. I'm so excited to look back on this and see what I have been thankful for!

So Thankful thing for December 1st:
I'm so thankful for Christmas Music. lol. That may be a silly thing to be thankful for but I don't care. I'm truly am thankful for it. Mostly because it can put a smile on my face. I love the pure happiness Christmas Music can bring you. I remember growing up, right after Thanksgiving, my mom would have us put up the Christmas stuff, and she would always play Christmas music. It was on ALL DAY, except when she taught piano. And it was always the Classic singers, like Dean Martin, Gene Autry, Ella Fitsgerald, and many others... I absolutely loved it. So now, living so far away from my family, listening to Christmas music makes me feel right at home. :)  It totally warms my heart and reminds me of wonderful Christmas's I shared with my family.
I have been playing it as much as I can during the day here in Cali, but Ethan gets sick of it. lol. I just smile and sing it to him, which makes him even more angry.... so I end up turning it off. But even just a few minutes of music can turn my day around! So I changed my music to Christmas music on the blog. I hope when you read my posts you can smile and sing along as I do.
Thank you Christmas Music!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1 Year Ago Today!

Nov 30th, 2009 Ethan and I walked into our new home in Oceanside, California! Russ had already been staying in it for a few days before we got there... so it wasn't new to him... lol.
To think its been one year since we moved to Cali is crazy. Its been a fast year! I remember how excited we were to leave Utah! (now it seems crazy that I ever wanted to leave Utah!) This would be my first time that I would be living away from my parents... we had always lived in West Jordan, or South Jordan. So I was only ever 5 minutes away from my parents house! So we were pretty excited to do things on our own...
Here are some pictures of our first weeks here in Cali.
I remember my first time going down to the beach with Ethan. He was so excited to be so close to the beach. We went and played in the water (you can do that in November in Cali) for a long time!
The waves were a little strong so I had to hold him to make sure he didn't fall over.
The park is super close to our house, the first time we went there Ethan freaked out! He loved the BIG dinosaur slide. He still loves that slide. We have spent many hours playing at the park.
He is such a ham...

We were also SUPER excited to have In and Out Burger so close to our house! :) They are everywhere in Cali so that was nice. Russ and love that place.
My dad came down a week later in his truck and brought down some essentials that we needed. He wanted to go to the beach so we took him down there.
Ethan was trying to take a picture of me while I was taking a picture of them
When we got back from the beach that day, Gma and Gpa Griffith sent a little surprise in Ethan's drawers... He got a stuffed Rocket.. we didn't know then that this Rocket would be Ethan's FAVORITE thing! He took this rocket every where!
Ethan and his Rocket
I remember taking Ethan to the mall to play in the playground. That was super fun.. he loves playgrounds.

Driving the bus at the mall, he freaked out when I put money in it to make it move. lol. He just liked to pretend I guess.
When we got to Cali, his new obsession was Cheetos. He had to have them!
Ohhhh Cheese...
I got us a season pass to the San Diego Zoo the week we got to Cali. Ethan loves animals, and we still love going.
Ethan loved that Hippo thing...

This would be the First of MANY sky ride pictures at the Zoo.

He looks so young in these pictures! We did all these activities the first month we were here!
So one year gone..... Its amazing how time really does fly. Next year will be pretty exciting. New baby, moving back to Utah for a while, and Russ first deployment!

Friday, November 26, 2010

T.D. Dinner!

So I made our Thanksgiving Day Dinner! Russ said it was delicious, he ate so much he got a tummy ache. lol. Poor Ethan has been sick so he didn't eat anything. He actually threw up early in the morning while eating a banana on Wednesday, then he threw up all over his bed that night, and ended up sleeping with me, Russ went and slept on the couch because, we all are moving sleepers... We all move like crazy when we sleep, so 3 on our bed would not work. lol. So Ethan slept with me, luckily he did not throw up. :) He was okay enough to help me cook a little... I love when he helps me cook! And after T.D. dinner Ethan and I sat and watched Miracle on 34th Street. I love that movie... Ive been trying to get Ethan to like Santa enough to go sit on his lap.. so I can get a picture! So we watched that movie, and I showed him how the kids sat on his lap and were happy... but it was no good. He just does not trust Santa... lol.
So I took pictures of our Thanksgiving... Here they are!!!
So there are my Mommy Dearests Yams, Some Au Gratin potatoes, and stuffing...

Hawaiian Rolls, our Hormel Turkey with gravy, and my Cranberry jelly!

The Hormel Turkey and Gravy was perfect, just the right amount for Russ and I.

The finished product... I tried to get one of Russ, but he ate it all by the time I got to him... lol

my cooking thumbs up!!! :)
Russ and I LOVE sparking cider, we both can drink 3 bottles to ourselves really.. but I got this bottle for us to share... Notice the Cowboys jerseys... they had a hard loss yesterday.. they almost won.. but no luck.

This is where Ethan was while we were eating... he wouldn't eat anything! He didn't feel good, so Russ said that was normal... but I felt so bad, I kept bugging him to come eat, but he wouldn't!

So that's my cheap T.D. Dinner! Here is what everything costs!

Yams 1 can: .96
Marsh mellows: 1.00
Stuffing: free, I already had a box.. :) but that only cost 1.00 too...
Au Gratin: .98
Cranberry Jelly: .60
Rolls: 2.00
Sparkling cider: 2.00
Cookies: 2.75
Hormel Turkey: 4.98

So that's a $15.27 Thanksgiving Dinner! :) Thanks mommy dearest for teaching me some cheap solutions! :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful T.D. We can wait to come see you all in December!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not coming home :(

Well Russ, Ethan, and I are not making the trip to Utah this year for Thanksgiving. I'm pretty upset about it. This will be the first Thanksgiving that I have not spent with my family. I have been crying for the past few days actually. Russ told me to cheer up because we can stay longer for Christmas now, which is a great thing, but I have been looking forward to seeing my family.
I know its only a month away until we get to come and stay for a little bit, but its already been SO LONG since we have been to Utah. I miss it. I have been getting super home sick lately. Russ has been gone a lot because he is training for deployment. So its just me and Ethan here. My best friend moved home on Friday, so that kinda triggered a wave of emotions. Thinking of her leaving to go home, made me want to go home even more.
Luckily I have such a great family, who lets me call them and talk to them all day! lol. I'm sure my mom and mother in law are sick of me, but they haven't said anything yet, so I will keep on calling and texting! lol.

So I'm trying to look at the positive thing of not making it home to Utah for Thanksgiving. I'm going to make our Thanksgiving Dinner! Which I have never done before. Now that I think of it.... I have not even made anything for Thanksgiving! I just mooched off of my mom and grandmas cooking! So I called my mom asking for a cheap way of making Thanksgiving dinner (my mom is full of cheap solutions, lol, that sounds funny, but its true) she gave me some tips, and I'm going to Wal Mart tomorrow to pick up a few items.......
My whole deal with Thanksgiving is the food.... I LOVE THANKSGIVING DAY FOOD... it has always been my favorite holiday. So I'm pretty nervous at making our first T.D. dinner... Russ will pretty much eat anything.. so if it doesn't turn out good, he will still smile and eat it. :)

I will miss the tradition part though...
At Russ gma Myrnas house on T.D. dinner, after everyone has eaten, we bunch up our napkins into little balls and throw them in each others water glasses! lol. Its so fun. My first year I went, no one told me so I was out first because Nate cheated and threw his napkin in my glass... I was prepared for the next year though... I almost won... (then gma Myrna said that the winner was going to help do dishes so I tried not to win... lol)
At my moms house we always just talk.... lol. My gma's love to talk, which is great because I love to talk too! (maybe that's where I get it from) Its so nice just being with family and catching up. We sometimes play games, but mostly we just dote over the babies, and talk about how crazy our family is. I love hearing the stories from my grandmas about my parents. That's always the best.

Well hopefully my T.D. dinner will turn out! Ill take pictures (I have to document my first Thanksgiving alone!) and post them on Friday! I'm going for this look...
.... highly unlikely... but I'm going to try! LOL
(oh and Russ said that there will be marsh mellows on the yams..he only likes it that way)

Happy Thanksgiving in 2 Days! I hope everyone has a wonderful time! The Bringhurst family will be having fun cooking and playing games!

Oh and T.D. stands for Thanksgiving Day. Just in case you didn't get that. It was too long to type... I kinda got excited thinking about the food and wanted to type really fast so T.D. seemed reasonable. lol

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here are a few of Ethans Favorite Things!

My sisters Missy and Becca did this once with their kids and I thought it was super cute. So I decided to do it with Ethan. I had him sit next to me and answer some questions about what he liked... So here are some of Ethan's Favorite Things

Whats your favorite color?
Yellow (I asked him why) Because its a hot color.

Whats your favorite movie?
ummmm... RUGRATS, they are babies (then he started talking to fast, and all I got out of it was Dinosaur, and Reptar)

Whats your favorite toy?
Playdoh, and my Flashlights! (Ethan has a vast collection of flashlights.. his papa Griffith brings him a new one every time he comes to visit)

(here's one of his head flashlights!)

Whats your favorite picture?
(he runs over to a picture of Russ and I cutting our cake at our wedding) THIS ONE!!! You look like a princess mommy!

Whats your favorite song?
(he immediately starts singing...) Twinkle Twinkle little star....

Whats your favorite shape?
STAR!!! (like mother like son!)

Whats your favorite food?
(counting on his fingers) Pop tarts, Cheetos, chocolate milk, eggs, and Mommy's cookies....
(I know right, Ethan eats nothing but junk food... and eggs!)

Who is your favorite book?
(runs to his room) This one! It has mickey mouse and little Einsteins! (its a book with over 50 playhouse Disney stories)

Whats your favorite show on the big TV? (that's just our  regular TV, I asked him his favorite show, but he said rugrats again... he calls our TV the BIG TV, so that's how I had to ask him!)
Team Umizomi! MIGHTY MATH POWER and CRAZY SHAKE! (lol, that's what they say on the show)

So there are some of his favorite things... here is a list of Ethan "sayings" that he says all the time or he said once, but stuck with me because it was funny.
.. I cant go in there its SPOOKY!
That's just not right... not right.
Peee yuuu, I farted, ha ha ha its stinky too. (as he is showing his butt to me)
(i asked him if he would go potty on the big potty this was his response) I don't want to make my poop splash!
Oh mommy, give me a kiss, a squeeze and a headbutt... (he says this to me all the time, randomly)
(if he ever hurts him self, he comes up to me and has me kiss it better, but if I don't kiss the right spot he will say this over and over) Nope, you missed it, nope you missed it, nope that's not right...
(if anyone ever calls him some thing except Ethan, like cutie patutie he always replies) I'm not cutie patutie, I'm Ethan. (this happened a lot at Halloween) I'm not buzz lightyear, I'm Ethan.
(a homeless man asked Ethan for some money this was his response) No, you need to go home.
(gma wood bought Ethan some buzz lightyear pajamas, and he will not wear them) I cant wear my costume to bed! (he was buzz for
(if he likes what hes eating he always says) ohhh this is licious. (that's delicious Ethan) Yeah LICIOUS.
(getting into the car this is what he says) I can do it, I can do it, Ill buckle it. (he gets really REALLY mad if you do it for him)
(I asked Ethan if he knew what daddy does at work) Yep, he fights bad guys.
Things I love about Ethan
When ever he watches a movie or show, he gets so into it! He is super emotional, so if its sad he will get really concerned, and say "oh no mommy look".. then if it goes happy he will start giggling and say "oh its all right"
His amazing ability to remember songs! He can sing about every song on my ipone.
Also his amazing ability to learn! He is quite smart for 3yrs old.

(he loves doing is workbook that gma wood got him)
He always gives me hugs and kisses.
He likes all the same things I like!
He loves to have conversations with me!
He loves to be outside and active all the time!
He loves to play the piano with me!
He has given me a kiss, headbutt and squeeze every night before bed since he was little. (i hope that never stops)
And everything else about my man! He brings a smile to my face (most of the time lol) and I couldn't be a more proud mommy.

PS Mommy Dearest..... Ethan says he looks "pretty awesome" with his hair in a mow hawk. So we are going to have to do it again, sorry!!!!