The Bringhurst Family

The Bringhurst Family
Russ, Mal, and Ethan

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Family

I feel so lucky to have such wonderful siblings. Being away from them is so hard for me because I have always been so close to all of them. This post is just to BRAG about how awesome my brother and sisters are. :)
Missy- My Hero

My older sister Missy. You know in a normal society an older sister usually is that sibling that teaches the younger sister how to do her hair, put on make-up, or talk to boys...... Well Missy didn't teach me any of that! :) Instead she taught me how to be tough, climb trees, throw a ball... anything NOT GIRLY I have learned from my older sister. And I wouldn't have it any other way. She is one of the toughest women I have ever met, I would like to think thats where I learned to be tough, is from Missy. But dont get me wrong, when Missy wants to be all girly, she can. She is so beautiful and has taught me so much about life, and how to be a great mother! Missy... you are my Hero, you have done so much, taught me so much about life and I hope to be as great as you are in every aspect of my life! I love you!

Nathan- My Inspiration

My older brother Nathan, or Nate as we like to call him. Most people who know Nate would say he is Shy, Quiet and Reserved..... But Missy, Meg and I know better. My brother is LOUD, HILARIOUSLY GOOFY, and very COMPETITIVE behind closed doors. :) My brother has always been out numbered in our family. Always surrounded by girls, and that is why I think he is the most compassionate man I have ever known. He looks through peoples faults and finds everything good in them. My brother is an extremely hard worker, and is just as smart. He has helped me through school, and in life. He may not know this but he has had such an impact on me. I love when he calls just to ask if i am doing okay. He is the brother every sister wants. Brother, you inspire me to be a better person, and inspire me to work hard. Thanks for being the greatest brother any sister could ask for. I love you!

Megan- My Best Friend

My baby sister Megan. Because she the youngest sibling, she automatically gets picked on by Missy, Nate and I. But we learned fast that Megan is a little spit fire. You pick on her, she will come right back and pick on you. Megan and I have always been really close. Even though we fought and would argue more then Missy or Nate, Meg and I have always known when the other needed a hug, or a good laugh. That is one thing I can always count on from Meg, a good laugh. She can get me out of any angry mood, just by doing a silly look or acting all crazy! Megan has always been about family. If you ask Russ, Becca or Casey about Megan loving and caring for our family, Im sure they could all tell you that, that is what Megan is all about. FAMILY. She has been such a great aunt for Riley, Cameron, Ryan, Ethan, Allie and Cooper. All of them love her and love to be with her. Megan... You are my best friend, and I can tell you anything and I know that you wont judge me differently.You listen to me and help me be my best. Your smile can make anyone's day. I love you.

Mom and Dad

Thank you for giving me such great siblings! Thank you for finding each other, getting married, and raising us kids. I know I pushed your buttons, gave you gray hair, and pretty much took you on a roller coaster ride. I love you both and am so thankful to be apart of this family. We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. :) 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My poor hubby!

The past few days have been a little hetic for us here. Russ has been to the ER twice due to an eye infection. We went to the ER saturday morning because Russ's eye had been progressively getting bigger through the week. We got to the ER at 8am and Russ got right in to see the doctor. So Ethan and I waited in the ER for Russ. That was a very long 3 hours. Ethan was HORRIBLE! He would not sit in the chair with me, he wanted to go find daddy, and when other kids were there he would try and go play with them. Finally at 11am the doctor pulled me and Ethan in to talk about Russ. The doctor said that he had a skin infection, that was on the outside of his eye. He said there was 2 kinds of infection, one that is on the outside of the eye, and one that is on the inside. The doctor said it was good this was the one on the outside because its much more easy to treat. So he gave Russ an antibiotic shot in his arm, which Russ said hurt REALLY bad, and sent him home with some meds. The doctor said that Russ would need to come back in the morning to have it looked at one more time. So this morning Russ went. Well It was hurting a lot more today, and it was ozzing a little bit of puss. (ewwww) So the doctor ordered a cat scan and put an IV in Russ. Ethan and I showed up after the cat scan, and I took some pictures while we were there. Ethan was worried for his daddy. He asked him "you hurt daddy?" "you okay?"... Russ told him he was hurt, so Ethan wanted to sit with him in the bed. lol. So there are some pictures of Ethan with Russ.

Laying down with daddy.

Waking daddy up to play games

You can see a little bit of his puffy eye.

having fun playing games in the ER

Russ got some drugs that made him feel good. lol. Here is the IV. Ethan called it "daddys owwie"

He liked laying on the bed with daddy!

The doctor said that the cat scan was negative (not having the infection inside the eye) so he released Russ! :) as of right now his eye is still big, but it should go down!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

San Diego Zoo

.... I know Im a few days late..... but here are some pictures from our trip to the San Diego Zoo. I wont post a whole discription but I will tell you this.. Ethan LOVED the sky ride. I was worried that he would be scared... I mean, he doesn't like the merry-go-round, but he sure loved the sky ride. His favorite animal was the Hippos! He liked watching them swim. Enjoy the pics!

Hippos eating each other! Ethan wanted to swim with them!

The Hippos BUM! (that's what Ethan said)

 He was on this thing for 10 mins.

 Looking at the Zoo from the Sky Ride. He would keep saying "Hi" to all the carts that passed by

 He LOVED this thing.

 Me and Ethan on the Sky Ride
He was so good, I bought him a snake! 

 Giving the Elephant a hug!

This is how he looks for things, its his "look and listen scope" (its from little enistines) He heard some animals and said he needed to look for them

 This is the playground slide at the Zoo! He has so much fun playing with the other kids!

He loved looking at the BEES! He went and said... Berry... Berry... I tried telling him that Berry was only in the movie Bees... :) It was so cute!

... he had his first Churro! He was a little worried at trying it at first, but as you can see by the picture he scarfed it down once he found out it was SUGAR! lol

We had so much fun at the zoo, I will post some more pictures on my facebook page later!

Friday, January 8, 2010


So those of you that have face book, you may have noticed a update that I posted a few days ago about Ethan making friends at the park... Let me tell you what happened. We went to the park, and brought 2 trucks that his Gpa and Gma Wood gave him, and brought his rocket. Well there were some kids there that wanted to play with his trucks and Ethan was more then willing to let them. So they played for a good 2 hours, going up the slide, swinging and burrying the trucks. Then they wanted to push the trucks down the big swirly slide, so they all go up there and push the trucks down. After they did that one kid turns to Ethan and says "put Rocket down the slide".. Ethan said "No, its my Rocket, not push down the slide".... Well that kid wanted Rocket to go down the slide... so he tried to take it from Ethan. As the kid started to grab Rocket, I started to tell the little boy to let go, because that was Ethans rocket, and you do not touch Ethans rocket... but I was too late... Ethan took matters into his own hands and pushed the kid down the slide... I was kinda upset at Ethan for a min, I told him he cant push people.. as I was talking to Ethan, the mom of the other kid walks over and yelled at me. She said that I needed to teach Ethan how to share.... I looked at her like she was CRAZY... Really lady... Ethan had been sharing his trucks with them for the last 2 hours! I was soooo angry. Here I was punishing Ethan for pushing someone down the slide, and this lady was telling me how to discipline my son. So they left the park (the little boy was fine by the way... he wasn't even crying) I was going to take Ethan home right then, but I felt like he understood that he cant push people down the slide. I didn't want to punish him any more then I already had, I mean... can you blame him? He told the kid No... and then just defended himself. lol. Am I a bad mom for thinking that way? 
Well.... that's what happened 2 days ago, so yesterday we went to the park again, but this time left rocket at home and brought his BALLOON! :) He had fun with his Balloon... until it popped! lol. But nevertheless it was a nice day at the park.. below are a few pictures.

 We love our SWINGING pictures!
Ethan swinging with the balloon. He put it in between his legs to hold it in place!
Climbing up the slide with his balloon
 I posted this because I love his face, hes like "what are you doing mommy"
Sitting under the slide with his balloon
 .... and it popped! He was not too happy. When he realized I couldn't fix it he set it on the ground and said the balloon was sleeping. lol
 Exhausted from a long day at the park!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

On Friday Russ, Ethan and I went to the Mall in Oceanside. We were going there to find a Train set for Ethan. Ever since Cameron got a train set, Ethan has not stopped asking for one. So we set off to the Mall, we had only been to this mall once before, it was when I came down to see Russ at the first of September. Well the entrance we went to had the kids play place right when we walked in.... Ethan freaked out! So we told him... lets go find the train set and then we can come back and you can play. So we looked for a toy store, but there wasn't one in the mall... so we went to the Disney store! No train set.... but there was LOTS of stuff in there that Ethan wanted. Mainly Little Einsteins stuff. So we bought him Leo's Baton, it lights up and plays music (0riginally $11.99, on sale for $3.99!!! Great steal!) and we got him little figurines of the Little Einsteins. which was on sale for $4.99! So we did pretty good. As we were leaving Ethan kept saying my trains? my trains? So we still had to get some trains for him. As we were leaving we stopped by the play place. Ethan was excited to run around and jump on things, but his favorite part was the automobiles and planes that were off to the side. They are the Quarter Machines, so you put in 50 cents and they turn on and move. Well Ethan was having so much fun that I decided to put in the 50 cents. BAD IDEA!!! He did not like it when it started moving. lol. Most kids would like it to move, rather then just sit there not doing anything.... but not Ethan. The bus started to move and he looked around and started to cry and jumped out! So there are some pictures of him enjoying the automobiles when they are not in motion... and some of him scared because they were moving. 
 He is loving the Car......                                       Then I put in a quarter and it starts to move....

  and he is Out of the car!!

 So he leaves....
 After we left the mall we stopped by Toys R Us to get him the train set. We found the train section and they already had a really nice one set up so kids could play with it. As soon as he saw that he ran over and said Cameron? lol. I told him Cameron was not here, this is the stores train set, not Camerons. So we got him a train set and he was just so happy. There are a few pictures of his train set at home!

His train set is has a train, airplane, helicopter and a car!

 He gets a little frustrated when the train falls off the tracks!