The Bringhurst Family

The Bringhurst Family
Russ, Mal, and Ethan

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Follow the Prophet!

Ethan has always been such a good little singer. He can pick up melodies super fast, and has an amazing memory! So he can remember words to songs usually after only hearing the song once. Well my mom, Meg and I were at The Quilted Bear, and I was singing "don't go breaking my heart" to Ethan... and after I stopped singing the song... it was silent for like 5 seconds, then Ethan just starts singing "Follow the Prophet".  I was totally amazed because he must have learned it from Primary, I had never sung it with him, but he knew the whole thing. And he just kept singing it over and over.

A couple weeks ago, Becky Williams, the Primary president let me know that he is such a good singer. He may not know all the words, but he tries so hard and sings SO LOUD and has a smile the whole time during singing time.

Today at Church, my mom played the piano in sacrament, and after she was done, he walked over to her and said "Great job MaMa" and gave her a thumbs up.
What an amazing boy... and later Meg and I went to the bathroom before Relief Society, and Ethan's class was taking a bathroom break, and he says to me "go back to class mommy, I'm in class." Really Ethan? lol

He just absolutely LOVES church. It makes me so happy that he can be so excited about church. I have to admit, he inspires me to be better because he is so happy and filled with love! I love it when the sacrament gets passed because he sits there, and waits so reverently, and if you have a 3 year old you know how hard that is, and gets so excited to take the bread and water. And if you talk.... well..... he will look at you and put his finger to his lips and say "sssshhhhhhhh". (he did that to Meg today)

I just wanted to share this. So hopefully one day when he is not so excited to get dressed and go to church (which I hope is never) I can pull this out and remind him how wonderful his spirit is, and how it effects everyone around him!
I'm so lucky to be blessed with such an amazing son. He strengthens me in a way only a son can. I love you Ethan, and I cant wait for your sweet spirit to bless more people.

Ethan had such a great day at church, he needed a nap! The red blanket he has is his new favorite blanket. He got it from his Great Gma Riley for Valentines. She told me that since he doesn't eat candy, she thought he would like this. Well he LOVES this blanket. Hasn't departed from it since he got it on Saturday!

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