The Bringhurst Family

The Bringhurst Family
Russ, Mal, and Ethan

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Healthier Happier (only a little bit heavier) Mal!

LOL... love my title! lol. Its true though. I have only gained 5 pounds so far during this pregnancy. So its only a little bit heavier then I normally am. Granted I was quite large already when I got pregnant, but still! I think that's pretty good! And I think its all because this pregnancy has me eating a lot better then I normally do! I have been craving Salads, Fruits and Veggies during this pregnancy! I have never eaten this healthy in a long time. Its crazy how much energy I have! (except for yesterday and today... I'm a little sick, but any other day, ENERGY!)

I have always been a fan of fast food. Whats that saying.. You are what you eat... well I was Fast, Easy and Cheap. lol. I would never actually make dinner. We would stock up on freezer food, or just go out to eat. But that has not been what I want now. I have been making dinner every night, having a good breakfast, and eating a really good salad or two during the day! Its amazing how much fun you can have figuring out what new things to make. I love to cook, I really always have, just never found the motivation to do it I guess... I have so many cook books, and family recipes and its so great now to finally cook them!

Salads have been my main focus lately! I cant stop eating salad. My favorite is without a doubt, Chinese Salad. (Its actually Chinese Chicken Salad, I just don't add the chicken!) lol. I love cabbage, and so I put green and red cabbage in this with carrots, ramen noodles, dried cranberries (to add some sweetness) and some homemade dressing!
I know it may not look too appetizing by my picture, but its AMAZING!!!!
So I just wanted to share that I'm so happy that I have started eating better! I feel more healthy then I ever have before, and I'm so glad that this new eating has not only helped me, but my little baby as well!


  1. Yay, this was so great to read!! It's amazing how quickly our bodies respond to wholesome foods instead of processed junk. Meal planning is my favorite part of my week, and even though I'm not a very good cook, I love watching my family eat veggies and whole grains. Keep it up, and share your recipes anytime!

  2. Hey girl, u look soooo sooo dang good! I haven't seen u in forever! Happy to hear u guys are doin really well! that's funny, When I was prego that's all I wanted to eat too! Fruits, vegies, an salads are my favorite, I still would choose that over fast food! U do look way healthy, I wanna be in ur shoes! I hate cookin, but makes it hard when its only 2 of us eatin? Lol! Jus get lazy an don't wanna cook, u think it would be easier to cook for only the 2 of us! I miss u girl! U guys look way happy too! I'm sooo happy for u guys! Well give me a call sometime! Miss u!

  3. Do share some recipes! I've also changed my eating habits and some awesome recipes would be ever so delightful! I stopped drinking soda.. hardest thing EVER.. and eating candy.. second hardest thing EVER. I'm on 3 weeks now! WOO! Yay for healthy eating!
    Hey man, are ketchup bombs real? NOT YET!