The Bringhurst Family

The Bringhurst Family
Russ, Mal, and Ethan

Sunday, January 9, 2011


At church today Ethan went to Primary for the first time! But he wasn't excited at all. In fact, he started to cry when I left him in the Primary room with his new teacher! :(  I felt so bad! All the new sunbeams were too! They all knew the days of getting to play with toys and eat snacks were over at church now!
It was actually kinda a funny site at first... There was a row that had really small chairs that only the sunbeams sit on, and every single child was sitting there crying. Ethan didn't cry at first when I was there with him, once they started I left to go to my class, and as he is watching me leave he screams "mommy don't leave me here". lol. Oh it melted my heart! I turned around and he had tears running down his face! His teacher was really sweet though, she picked him up and held him, and motioned for me to leave.

So RS was over, and I walk out to the sunbeams class (all the doors on the classrooms with the younger kids had windows on them so we could sneak a peak) I look at him, SMILING! Oh thank goodness! They said their prayer, and he comes out with some art work he did, and says "I love my class" "Its a big boy class".  So he ended up loving his new class and teacher! He also got to wear his new church clothes Gma Wood gave him for Christmas...
This was taken after church. He had a very large temper tantrum before church, so I couldn't get a picture then! But at least he came home happy! :)  Hes holding his art work he did!
And on an embarrassing note. Russ has to have a fresh hair cut every Monday, so he usually gets it cut on Sunday. Before Christmas break, he had just been shaving it off, because then he wouldn't have to pay 10$ every week to get it cut. But he let it grow out over Christmas, and he really liked having hair again. So he went back to the barber. Well just now like 30 mins ago, he asked if I could do it, so that he could keep his hair and not have to pay 10$. LOL. That didn't work so well. I totally butchered it. lol. Russ was embarrassed, he wore a hat as soon as I cut it. So I had to drive him over to get his hair fixed, he said the barber laughed at my work. lol.

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